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Dagens Nyheter (4/5), Johannes Cornell

”...an organic and sophisticated synthesis of the romantic sensibilty of pop music and the improvisational spirit of jazz.” Read the full review in Swedish here!

Svenska Dagbladet (4/6), Dan Backman

”You understand that McAloon himself gave the thumbs up.” Full review in Swedish

Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Alexander Agrell

”Milder has created a dreamy universe where the stars twinkle friendly at you.” Full review in Swedish

Tidningen Kulturen, Peter Sjöblom
”...so filled with love, warmth and appreciation of the songs that I can’t possibly resist.”
Full review in Swedish

Orkesterjournalen, Lasse Seger
”...beautiful and surprising”, ”...mighty sound...”. Full review in Swedish

Meny (4/5), Stefan Nilson
”...so beautiful, poetic, melodic, strong and exquisite that you just love it.” Full review in Swedish

emusic, Dave Sumner
”Find of the week” Full (but very short) review